It is the aim of the CCG's Communication and Engagement Strategy to ensure our patients, public, stakeholders and partners are meaningfully engaged in our decision making at all levels in order to achieve improved patient access, experience and health outcomes for the people of Swindon and Shrivenham. 

In order to support the delivery of this aim, the purpose of the Patient and Public Engagement Forum is:

• To provide the Governing Body with assurance that its Communications and Engagement Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy are being delivered 

• To provide advice to the CCG on how to better engage with, involve and consult with the public and patients

• To provide the CCG with a means of engaging with key stakeholders such as Healthwatch Swindon, so they may form views on the wider CCG agenda and service developments 



The PPE Forum has delegated powers from Swindon CCG's Governing Body to: 

• Support the implementation of the Communications and Engagement Strategy 

• Support the implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 

• To assist the Governing Body in designing and procuring services with public and patient involvement

• Make recommendations regarding alternative timescales for change and for consultation when the Forum does not consider the CCG has fulfilled its responsibilities to involve the public and patients 

• To help the Governing Body to fulfil its responsibility to consult with the public on matters of significant change 

• Provide the necessary assurances to the Audit Committee in its role to audit and scrutinise all areas of compliance, including public and patient involvement. 


Responsibilities and duties

The objectives of the PPE Forum are to: 

• Use the Communications and Engagement Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy to ensure effective public and patient engagement

• Provide a constant reference point for new and innovative ways to engage with local people and patients

• Oversee the development of the CCG’s work programme for patient and public engagement

• Regularly contribute to the review of the approach to engagement of patients and the public 

• Provide a patient and public view on CCG strategies as they are developed but not as a substitute for the wider engagement of patients and the public

• Seek assurance that appropriate systems are in place for the proper involvement of patients and the public in the development and review of care pathways, clinical policies and the implementation of NICE guidance.



The PPE Forum will act as an assurance committee of the Governing Body



The following governance shall be in place to provide additional assurance to the Governing Body:

• Annual Report will be provided to the Governing Body through the Chair of the Forum 

• The Forum will provide the Audit Committee with reports on a six-monthly basis at which the Chair will advise the Audit Committee on all risks or issues of patient and public involvement and engagement. 



The membership of the PPE Forum will be: 

• Lay member for PPE (Chair)

• Lay member for Governance (Deputy Chair) 

• Director of Nursing and Transformation 

• Practice manager 

• Head of Communications and Engagement 

• Communications and Engagement Manager 

• Public health representative 

• Healthwatch Swindon representative 

• Public, patient, carers and community representative 



The quorum for the Forum will be seven members, of whom at least one will be a Lay Member, at least four will be patients or members of the public and one will be a member of the Communications and Engagement Team. 

The PPE Forum may invite attendance from other interested parties. 


Frequency of meetings 

The Forum will hold four two-hour meetings per annum in April, July, October and January.

During the months when a PPE Forum meeting is not taking place, deep dives - which will focus on a specific topic - will take place. 


Conduct of meetings 

The meetings will be conducted in public. Reference to personal issues should normally be taken via the appropriate route, e.g the Patient Advice and Complaints Team. 

An agenda will be issued seven days prior to the meeting. Requests for agenda items should be sent to the Communications and Engagement Team at least 10 days before the meeting. 

If an item needs to be raised on the day, this will be covered under Any Other Business, subject to the agreement of the Chair in advance. 

If separate papers require circulation, these should be issued with the agenda, other than in exceptional circumstances. This is intended to enable members to have the opportunity to read information in advance. 

At the start of each meeting, members will be asked to confirm the accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting and to highlight any areas of particular relevance. 

All questions arising will be decided by a simple majority of those present. In the case of equality of votes, the Chair will have a casting vote. 

Minutes shall be kept. 

The approved minutes will be issued normally within seven days of the meeting and will list the topics discussed, actions agreed and the individual responsible for undertaking the action. 

These minutes will be taken to the following meeting for adoption and will then be submitted to the following meeting of the Governing Body. 


Conduct of the committee

The Committee will review its performance, membership and terms of reference on an annual basis. 


January 2019