The United Kingdom formally withdrew from the European Union at 11pm on Friday 31 January 2020. 

Following this, the UK automatically entered into a transitional period, that allowed for existing processes and procedures - such as those relating to importing and exporting goods and services - to continue as before.

This period is scheduled to expire on Thursday 31 December. 


Advice for patients 

The government has instructed all hospitals, GPs and community pharmacists not to stock up on extra medicines and equipment in the run up to Brexit, nor to issue patients with longer-than-usual prescriptions.

Patients have also been advised against stockpiling, as doing so could result in there being less medicine and equipment available for others in a similar position. 

Work is ongoing behind-the-scenes to ensure patients carry on receiving treatment as normal, with no reduction in the frequency of their care.

Should the public need to be informed about a change, Swindon CCG, along with colleagues from other NHS organisations, will use all available communication channels to ensure the message is heard. 


Further information

Updates for patients regarding the UK's exit from the European Union will be continue to be added to this page as and when such information is released.

For general information on Brexit, and how it could affect the NHS, visit